Commit 8534089c authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder
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[3282] Added D2ClientMgr accessor to CfgMgr

Added an accessor to CfgMgr to return a reference to the singlton's
D2ClientMgr instance.
parent 7f2ef410
......@@ -363,6 +363,12 @@ CfgMgr::getD2ClientConfig() const {
return (d2_client_mgr_.getD2ClientConfig());
CfgMgr::getD2ClientMgr() {
return (d2_client_mgr_);
: datadir_(DHCP_DATA_DIR),
......@@ -341,7 +341,7 @@ public:
/// pointer.
void setD2ClientConfig(D2ClientConfigPtr& new_config);
/// @param Convenience method for checking if DHCP-DDNS updates are enabled.
/// @brief Convenience method for checking if DHCP-DDNS updates are enabled.
/// @return True if the D2 configuration is enabled.
bool ddnsEnabled();
......@@ -351,6 +351,11 @@ public:
/// @return a reference to the current configuration pointer.
const D2ClientConfigPtr& getD2ClientConfig() const;
/// @brief Fetches the DHCP-DDNS manager.
/// @return a reference to the DHCP-DDNS manager.
D2ClientMgr& getD2ClientMgr();
/// @brief Protected constructor.
......@@ -672,15 +672,17 @@ TEST_F(CfgMgrTest, echoClientId) {
// This test checks the D2ClientMgr wrapper methods.
TEST_F(CfgMgrTest, d2ClientConfig) {
// After CfgMgr construction, D2 configuration should be disabled.
// Fetch it and verify this is the case.
// After CfgMgr construction, D2ClientMgr member should be initialized
// with a D2 configuration that is disabled.
// Verify we can Fetch the mgr.
D2ClientMgr d2_mgr = CfgMgr::instance().getD2ClientMgr();
// Make sure the convenience method fetches the config correctly.
D2ClientConfigPtr original_config = CfgMgr::instance().getD2ClientConfig();
// Make sure convenience method agrees.
// Verify that we cannot set the configuration to an empty pointer.
D2ClientConfigPtr new_cfg;
ASSERT_THROW(CfgMgr::instance().setD2ClientConfig(new_cfg), D2ClientError);
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