Commit 859b6989 authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman
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[2390] Add API doc for PTR constructors

parent 3ca5de64
......@@ -28,6 +28,20 @@ using namespace isc::util;
/// \brief Constructor from string.
/// The given string must represent a valid PTR RDATA. There can be
/// extra space characters at the beginning or end of the text (which
/// are simply ignored), but other extra text, including a new line,
/// will make the construction fail with an exception.
/// The PTRDNAME must be absolute since there's no parameter that
/// specifies the origin name; if it is not absolute, \c
/// MissingNameOrigin exception will be thrown. These must not be
/// represented as a quoted string.
/// \throw Others Exception from the Name and RRTTL constructors.
/// \throw InvalidRdataText Other general syntax errors.
PTR::PTR(const std::string& type_str) :
// Fill in dummy name and replace them soon below.
......@@ -56,6 +70,21 @@ PTR::PTR(InputBuffer& buffer, size_t) :
// check consistency.
/// \brief Constructor with a context of MasterLexer.
/// The \c lexer should point to the beginning of valid textual
/// representation of a PTR RDATA. The PTRDNAME field can be non
/// absolute if \c origin is non NULL, in which case \c origin is used
/// to make it absolute. It must not be represented as a quoted string.
/// \throw MasterLexer::LexerError General parsing error such as missing field.
/// \throw Other Exceptions from the Name and RRTTL constructors if
/// construction of textual fields as these objects fail.
/// \param lexer A \c MasterLexer object parsing a master file for the
/// RDATA to be created
/// \param origin If non NULL, specifies the origin of PTRDNAME when it
/// is non-absolute.
PTR::PTR(MasterLexer& lexer, const Name* origin,
MasterLoader::Options, MasterLoaderCallbacks&) :
ptr_name_(createNameFromLexer(lexer, origin))
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