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ChangeLog entry for #2892

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736. [bug] wlodek
b10-dhcp6 is now capable to determine if a received
message is addressed to it, using server identifier option.
The messages with non-matching server identifier are dropped.
(Trac #2892, git 3bd69e9b4ab9be231f7c966fd62b95a4e1595901)
735. [doc] stephen
Expanded Developer's Guide to include chapter on logging.
(Trac #2566, git a08d702839d9df6cddefeccab1e7e657377145de(
(Trac #2566, git a08d702839d9df6cddefeccab1e7e657377145de)
734. [bug] marcin
libdhcp++: fixed a bug which caused an error when setting boolean
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