Commit 88b964a4 authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder
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[master] changelog entry for #2699,#2703

parent 1197c10b
574. [func] tmark
b10-dhcp4, b10-dhcp6: Composite key indexes were added to the lease
tables to reduce lease search time. The lease4 table now has two
additional indexes: a) hwaddr/subnet_id and b) client_id/subnet_id.
The lease6 now has the one additional index: iaid/subnet_id/duid.
Adding these indexes significantly improves lease acquisition
(Trac #2699,#2703, git 54bbed5fcbe237c5a49b515ae4c55148723406ce)}}}
573. [bug] stephen
Fixed problem whereby the DHCP server crashed if it ran out of
addresses. Such a condition now causes a packet to be returned
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