Commit 88c0d241 authored by Shane Kerr's avatar Shane Kerr
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Add proposed ChangeLog for --brittle, and also update the man page.

parent 3ceeab28
211. [func] shane
Implement "--brittle" option, which causes the server to exit
if any of BIND 10's processes dies.
(Trac #788, git xxx)
210. [bug] jerry
src/bin/auth: fixed a bug where type ANY queries don't provide
additional glue records for ANSWER section.
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
bind10 \- BIND 10 boss process
.HP \w'\fBbind10\fR\ 'u
\fBbind10\fR [\fB\-m\ \fR\fB\fIfile\fR\fR] [\fB\-n\fR] [\fB\-u\ \fR\fB\fIuser\fR\fR] [\fB\-v\fR] [\fB\-\-msgq\-socket\-file\ \fR\fB\fIfile\fR\fR] [\fB\-\-no\-cache\fR] [\fB\-\-user\ \fR\fB\fIuser\fR\fR] [\fB\-\-pretty\-name\ \fR\fB\fIname\fR\fR] [\fB\-\-verbose\fR]
\fBbind10\fR [\fB\-m\ \fR\fB\fIfile\fR\fR] [\fB\-n\fR] [\fB\-u\ \fR\fB\fIuser\fR\fR] [\fB\-v\fR] [\fB\-\-msgq\-socket\-file\ \fR\fB\fIfile\fR\fR] [\fB\-\-no\-cache\fR] [\fB\-\-user\ \fR\fB\fIuser\fR\fR] [\fB\-\-pretty\-name\ \fR\fB\fIname\fR\fR] [\fB\-\-brittle\fR] [\fB\-\-verbose\fR]
......@@ -66,6 +66,14 @@ or
.RS 4
Shutdown if any of the child processes of
exit\&. This is intended to help developers debug the server, and should
not be used in production.
\fB\-v\fR, \fB\-\-verbose\fR
.RS 4
Display more about what is going on for
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