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make cmdctl use message create functions

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parent 5281fe9e
......@@ -211,59 +211,59 @@ class CommandControl():
self.config_data = self.get_config_data()
def get_cmd_specification(self):
return self.send_command('ConfigManager', 'get_commands_spec')
return self.send_command('ConfigManager', isc.config.ccsession.COMMAND_GET_COMMANDS_SPEC)
def get_config_data(self):
'''Get config data for all modules from configmanager '''
return self.send_command('ConfigManager', 'get_config')
return self.send_command('ConfigManager', isc.config.ccsession.COMMAND_GET_CONFIG)
def update_config_data(self, module_name, command_name):
'''Get lastest config data for all modules from configmanager '''
if module_name == 'ConfigManager' and command_name == 'set_config':
if module_name == 'ConfigManager' and command_name == isc.config.ccsession.COMMAND_SET_CONFIG:
self.config_data = self.get_config_data()
def get_data_specification(self):
return self.send_command('ConfigManager', 'get_module_spec')
return self.send_command('ConfigManager', isc.config.ccsession.COMMAND_GET_MODULE_SPEC)
def handle_recv_msg(self):
'''Handle received message, if 'shutdown' is received, return False'''
(message, env) =
while message:
if 'commands_update' in message:
self.command_spec[message['commands_update'][0]] = message['commands_update'][1]
elif 'specification_update' in message:
msgvalue = message['specification_update']
self.config_spec[msgvalue[0]] = msgvalue[1]
elif 'command' in message and message['command'][0] == 'shutdown':
return False;
command, arg = isc.config.ccsession.parse_command(message)
while command:
if command == isc.config.ccsession.COMMAND_COMMANDS_UPDATE:
self.command_spec[arg[0]] = arg[1]
elif command == isc.config.ccsession.COMMAND_SPECIFICATION_UPDATE:
self.config_spec[arg[0]] = arg[1]
elif command == "shutdown":
return False
(message, env) =
command, arg = isc.config.ccsession.parse_command(message)
return True
def send_command(self, module_name, command_name, params = None):
def send_command(self, module_name, command_name, params = None):
'''Send the command from bindctl to proper module. '''
content = [command_name]
if params:
reply = {}
print('b10-cmdctl send command \'%s\' to %s' %(command_name, module_name))
msg = {'command' : content}
msg = isc.config.ccsession.create_command(command_name, params), module_name)
#TODO, it may be blocked, msqg need to add a new interface waiting in timeout.
answer, env =
if answer and 'result' in answer.keys() and type(answer['result']) == list:
if answer['result'][0] != 0:
# todo: exception
print("Error: " + str(answer['result'][1]))
self.update_config_data(module_name, command_name)
if (len(answer['result']) > 1):
reply = answer['result'][1]
print("Error: unexpected answer from %s" % module_name)
if answer:
rcode, arg = isc.config.ccsession.parse_answer(answer)
if rcode == 0:
self.update_config_data(module_name, command_name)
if arg != None:
return arg
# todo: exception
print("Error: " + str(answer['result'][1]))
return {}
except isc.config.ccsession.ModuleCCSessionError as mcse:
print("Error in ccsession answer: %s" % str(mcse))
except Exception as e:
print(e, ':b10-cmdctl fail send command \'%s\' to %s' % (command_name, module_name))
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