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[master] AUTHORS updated after recent changes.

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......@@ -76,12 +76,15 @@ We have received the following contributions:
- David Gutierrez Rueda, CERN
2014-12: Support for client link-address option in DHCPv6 (RFC6939)
- Adam Kalmus, Gdank University of Technology
- Adam Kalmus, Gdansk University of Technology
2014-12: Extract MAC address from DUID-LL and DUID-LLT types
2015-01: Extract MAC address from remote-id
2015-05: MySQL schema extended to cover host reservation
2015-10: Common MySQL Connector Pool
- Jinmei Tatuya
2015-10: Pkt4o6 class improvements
Kea uses log4cplus ( for logging,
Boost ( library for almost everything, and can use Botan
( or OpenSSL ( for
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