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Add more details. Move some of the commands to their own

sections (by module).

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......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ or via the interactive command interpreter.
must communicate over a
.Xr msgq 8
If this connection is not established,
......@@ -28,8 +29,50 @@ will exit.
.\" TODO: what if msgq is running but no BigTool or Boss groups?
The command-line prompt shows
The following commands are recognized by
.Dq "\*[Gt] " .
The options are based on the module in use.
The command-line usage is:
.Ic module Ic command Op Ar "param1 = value1" Op Ar ", param2 = value2"
.Nm Ap s
interactive interface provides command-line completion and hints.
Press the
.Li Tab
key to get a hint for the module, command, and/or parameters.
.\" TODO: no hints at a blank line though
The arrow keys and Emacs-style editing keys may be used to edit
and recall previous lines.
.\" TODO: all Emacs-style editing keys?
You can use the
.Ic help
keyword to receive usage assistance for a module or a module's
The following modules are available:
.Bl -tag -width ".Li ParkingLot" -compact -offset indent
.\" TODO parkinglot?
.It Ic boss
Control BIND 10 services.
.It Ic config
Configuration commands.
.It Ic ParkingLot
.Bl -tag -width Ic
.It Ic help
Get help for the
.Em boss
.It Ic shutdown Op Ar module_name
Stop the BIND 10 processes.
.\" add commit go help remove revert set show unset
The following configuration commands are recognized by
.Nm :
.Bl -tag -width Ic
.It Ic add Ar identifier Ar value
......@@ -38,10 +81,12 @@ Add entry to configuration.
.It Ic commit
Commit all local changes.
TODO: what does this do?
.It Ic config
.It Ic go Ar identifier
Go to the specified configuration. TODO
.It Ic help
Get help for the
.Em config
.It Ic remove Ar identifier Ar value
Remove entry from configuration.
.\" TODO: why the value?
......@@ -54,13 +99,20 @@ TODO
.It Ic show
Show configuration.
.It Ic shutdown Op Ar module_name TODO
Stop the BIND 10 processes.
.It Ic unset Ar identifier
Unset a configuration value.
.Bl -tag -width Ic
.It Ic help
Get help for the
.Em ParkingLot
.It Ic print_message Ar string
Print the given message to stdout.
.\" TODO: Command arguments which have embedded spaces may be quoted with
.\" quote
.\" .Sq \&"
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