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[master] ChangeLog updated.

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797. [build] tomek
Removed a lot of remaining BIND10 framework: bind10, bindctl,
cfgmgr, cmdctl, msgq, stats, sysinfo, tests, usermgr from src/bin
directory, also src/lib/python directory. There are still some
components that require Python3, but they are expected to be
removed in the near future.
(Trac #3413, git 8f8886ba93e9dfc714494b843deb1b3e14e58d67)
directory, also src/lib/python directory. Python3 is not
required anymore, unless documentation generation is enabled.
(Trac #3413, git d7b297ac475193f687d07b0489ac74585d4f3814)
796. [doc] tomek
User's Guide renamed to Kea Administrator Reference Manual,
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