Commit 8c169e9a authored by Yoshitaka Aharen's avatar Yoshitaka Aharen
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[2157] add description for CounterSpec

parent a1107af9
......@@ -23,8 +23,14 @@ namespace auth {
namespace statistics {
struct CounterSpec {
// item name: Name of this node. This appears in the spec file.
const char* const name;
// sub counters: If this is a branch node, sub_counters points to
// CounterSpec which contains child nodes. Otherwise, for
// leaf nodes, sub_counters is NULL.
const struct CounterSpec* const sub_counters;
// counter id: If this is a leaf node, counter_id is an enumerator of this
// item. Otherwise, for branch nodes, counter_id is NOT_ITEM.
const int counter_id;
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