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[master] Added ChangeLog entry 1100 for #4243.

parent 082f846f
1100. [bug] tmark
Wrapped asio/asio.hpp with logic to suppress optimization when building
under GCC 5.2.0 through 5.3.1 and BOOST_ERROR_CODE_HEADER only is defined.
This avoids an issue in the asio socket layer that was incorrectly
reporting socket read errors causing unit tests to fail and kea-dhcp-ddns
to loop logger calls in the error handler (aka double errors).
(Trac #4243, git 082f846f37cb32964c876b2bff5fcac82d1eaaf0)
1099. [func] marcin
Updated Host Manager API to allow for retrieving host reservations
by any type of host identifier. Previously it was only possible
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