Commit 8cabb13b authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen
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[master] update changelog

parent 7b122af8
347. [bug] jelte
Fixed a bug where adding Zonemgr/secondary_zones without explicitely
setting the class value of the added zone resulted in a cryptic
error in bindctl ("Error: class"). It will now correctly default to
IN if not set. This also adds better checks on the name and class
values, and better errors if they are bad.
(Trac #1414, git 7b122af8489acf0f28f935a19eca2c5509a3677f)
346. [build]* jreed
Renamed libdhcp to libdhcp++.
(Trac #1446, git d394e64f4c44f16027b1e62b4ac34e054b49221d)
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