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[master] add three missing entries

from jelte in jabber and jinmei on dev list

also some other additions of trac numbers
parent f8ec7011
bind10-devel-20120517 released on May 17. 2012
439. [func] jinmei
The in-memory data source can now load zones from the
sqlite3 data source, so that zones stored in the database
(and updated for example by xfrin) can be served from memory.
(Trac #1789,#1790,#1792,#1793,#1911,
git 93f11d2a96ce4dba9308889bdb9be6be4a765b27)
438. [bug] kambe
b10-stats-httpd now sends the system a notification that
it is shutting down if it encounters a fatal error during
(Trac #1852, git a475ef271d4606f791e5ed88d9b8eb8ed8c90ce6)
437. [build] jinmei
Building BIND 10 may fail on MacOS if Python has been
installed via Homebrew unless --without-werror is specified.
The configure script now includes a URL that explains this
issue when it detects failure that is possibly because of
this problem.
(Trac #1907, git 0d03b06138e080cc0391fb912a5a5e75f0f97cec)
436. [bug] jelte
The --config-file option now works correctly with relative paths if
--data-path is not given.
......@@ -53,7 +74,7 @@ bind10-devel-20120517 released on May 17. 2012
now manipulates them in the separate table for the NSEC3 namespace.
As a result b10-xfrin now correctly updates NSEC3-signed zones by
inbound zone transfers.
(Trac #1891, git 672f129700dae33b701bb02069cf276238d66be3)
(Trac #1781,#1788,#1891, git 672f129700dae33b701bb02069cf276238d66be3)
426. [bug] vorner
The NSEC3 records are now included when transferring a
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