Commit 8daa5237 authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder
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[3401] Fixed Daemon::loggerInit implementation

Replaced Daemon::loggerInit with implemetation used by Dhcp6 so logging
output now goes to stdout.
parent 1c4d345d
......@@ -338,9 +338,12 @@ DControllerBase::getConfigFileName() {
// Provide an implementation until we figure out a better way to do this.
dhcp::Daemon::loggerInit(const char* log_name, bool verbose) {
(verbose ? isc::log::DEBUG : isc::log::INFO),
isc::log::MAX_DEBUG_LEVEL, NULL, true);
setenv("B10_LOCKFILE_DIR_FROM_BUILD", "/tmp", 1);
setenv("B10_LOGGER_ROOT", log_name, 0);
setenv("B10_LOGGER_SEVERITY", (verbose ? "DEBUG":"INFO"), 0);
setenv("B10_LOGGER_DBGLEVEL", "99", 0);
setenv("B10_LOGGER_DESTINATION", "stdout", 0);
}; // namespace isc
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