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[master] added changelog on the new in-memory data source implementation.

(with one minor style fix to a different entry: folded a long line).
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482. [func] team
Memory footprint of the in-memory data source has been
substantially improved. For example, b10-auth now requires much
less memory than BIND 9 named for loading and serving the same
zone in-memory. This is a transparent change in terms of user
operation; there's no need to update or change the configuration
to enable this feature.
Notes: multiple instances of b10-auth still make separate copies
of the memory image. Also, loading zones in memory still suspends
query processing, so manual reloading or reloading after incoming
transfer may cause service disruption for huge zones.
(Multiple Trac tickets)
481. [bug] vorner
The abbreviated form of IP addresses in ACLs is accepted
(eg. "from": ["127.0.01", "::1"] now works).
......@@ -10,7 +23,8 @@
479. [func] marcin
Refactored perfdhcp tool to C++, added missing unit tests and removed
the old code. The new code uses libdhcp++ (src/lib/dhcp) for DHCP
packet management, network interface management and packet transmission.
packet management, network interface management and packet
(Trac #1954, git 8d56105742f3043ed4b561f26241f3e4331f51dc)
(Trac #1955, git 6f914bb2c388eb4dd3e5c55297f8988ab9529b3f)
(Trac #1956, git 6f914bb2c388eb4dd3e5c55297f8988ab9529b3f)
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