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[3601] Added discussion of memfile lease file upgrading to admin guide

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......@@ -150,6 +150,21 @@
will create an empty lease file if one is not
present. Necessary disk write permission is required.
<section id="memfile-upgrade">
<title>Upgrading Memfile Lease Files from an Earlier Version of Kea</title>
There are no special steps required to upgrade memfile lease files
from earlier version of Kea to a new version of Kea. During startup,
Kea's DHCP servers will automatically detect memfile lease files that
need upgrading and will launch an invocation of the LFC process to
convert them. This should only occur the first time the files are
If you wish to convert the files manually, prior to starting the
servers you may do so by running the LFC process yourself,
see <xref linkend="kea-lfc"/> for more information.
<!-- @todo: document lease file upgrades once they are implemented in kea-admin -->
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