Commit 941381b6 authored by Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar Michal 'vorner' Vaner
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[1758] Interface to get NSEC3s from Accessor

Does not compile, as all subclasses now have pure virtual method.
parent b35f3264
......@@ -234,6 +234,38 @@ public:
int id,
bool subdomains = false) const = 0;
/// \brief Creates an iterator context for the records of NSEC3 namespace
/// for the given hash
/// Returns an Iteratorcontextptr that contains all the records of the given
/// hash in the NSEC3 namespace of the given zone.
/// The implementation of the iterator that is returned may leave the
/// NAME_COLUMN column of the array passed to getNext() untouched,
/// as that name is easy to construct on the caller side (both the
/// hash and the name of the zone is known). The SIGTYPE_COLUMN can
/// be omitted as well, as it would be always empty for NSEC3 RRs or
/// contained "NSEC3" in case of RRSIG RRs.
/// The iterator will contain both the NSEC3 records and the corresponding
/// RRSIGs, in arbitrary order.
/// The iterator might be empty (containing no RRs) in case the zone is not
/// signed by NSEC3.
/// \exception any Since any implementaion can be used, the caller should
/// expect any exception to be thrown.
/// \exception isc::NotImplemented in case the database does not support
/// NSEC3
/// \param hash The hash part of the NSEC3 name (eg. for a name of NSEC3
///, we the hash would be
/// \param id The id of te zone, as returned from getZone().
/// \return Newly created iterator context. Must not be NULL.
virtual IteratorContextPtr getNSEC3Records(const std::string& hash,
int id) const = 0;
/// \brief Creates an iterator context for the whole zone.
/// Returns an IteratorContextPtr that contains all records of the
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