Commit 94be3098 authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder
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[3207] A few more minor review changes.

Removed reponse packet type check from IPv6 packet_snd callout.
Corrected text in user chk doxygen page.
parent b425b350
......@@ -101,9 +101,9 @@ following two entries:
- "type" whose value is "HW_ADDR" for IPv4 users or "DUID" for IPv6 users
- "id" whose value is either the hardware address or the DUID from the
request formatted as a sring of hex digits, with or without ":" delimiters.
request formatted as a string of hex digits, with or without ":" delimiters.
and may have the one or more of the following entries:
and may have the zero or more of the following entries:
- "bootfile" whose value is the pathname of the desired file
- "tftp_server" whose value is the hostname or IP address of the desired
......@@ -149,15 +149,6 @@ int pkt6_send(CalloutHandle& handle) {
Pkt6Ptr response;
handle.getArgument("response6", response);
// @todo Determine list of types to process and skip the rest.
uint8_t packet_type = response->getType();
if (packet_type == DHCPV6_DECLINE) {
std::cout << "DHCP UserCheckHook : pkt6_send"
<< "skipping packet type: "
<< static_cast<int>(packet_type) << std::endl;
return (0);
// Fetch the lease address as a string
std::string addr_str = getV6AddrStr(response);
if (addr_str.empty()) {
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