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[master] Update ChangeLog for #2390 and #2656

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564. [func] muks
libdns++: the CNAME, DNAME, MX, NS, PTR and SRV Rdata classes now
use the generic lexer in constructors from text. This means that
the name fields in such RRs in a zone file can now be non-absolute
(the origin name in that context will be used), e.g., when loaded
by b10-loadzone. One additional change to the libdns++ API is that
the existing string constructors for these Rdata classes also use
the generic lexer, and they now expect an absolute name (with the
trailing '.') in the name fields.
(Trac #2390, git a01569277cda3f78b1171bbf79f15ecf502e81e2)
(Trac #2656, git 5a0d055137287f81e23fbeedd35236fee274596d)
563. [build] jinmei
Added --disable-rpath configure option to avoid embedding library
paths to binaries. Patch from Adam Tkac.
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