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[1063] Document the internal function

Finder.getRRset is documented even when it is private and internal, as
it has complicated interface (which might use some simplification).
parent c5cf3cc0
......@@ -290,7 +290,37 @@ public:
boost::shared_ptr<DatabaseAccessor> database_;
const int zone_id_;
/// \brief Searches database for an RRset
* \brief Searches database for an RRset
* This method scans RRs of single domain specified by name and finds
* RRset with given type or any of redirection RRsets that are
* requested.
* This function is used internally by find(), because this part is
* called multiple times with slightly different parameters.
* \param name Which domain name should be scanned.
* \param type The RRType which is requested. This can be NULL, in
* which case the method will look for the redirections only.
* \param want_cname If this is true, CNAME redirection may be returned
* instead of the RRset with given type. If there's CNAME and
* something else or the CNAME has multiple RRs, it throws
* DataSourceError.
* \param want_dname If this is true, DNAME redirection may be returned
* instead. This is with type = NULL only and is not checked in
* other circumstances. If the DNAME has multiple RRs, it throws
* DataSourceError.
* \param want_ns This allows redirection by NS to be returned.
* \todo When want_ns is true and there's another RRtype, we should
* throw, but we don't yet.
* \return First part of the result tells if the domain contains any
* RRs. This can be used to decide between NXDOMAIN and NXRRSET.
* The second part is the RRset found (if any) with any relevant
* signatures attached to it.
* \todo This interface doesn't look very elegant. Any better idea
* would be nice.
std::pair<bool, isc::dns::RRsetPtr> getRRset(const isc::dns::Name&
const isc::dns::RRType*
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