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[master] changelog for #2851

parent a3d4fe8a
613. [func] jinmei
datasrc: Error handling in loading zones into memory is now more
consistent and convenient: data source configuration does not fail
due to zones configured to be loaded into memory but not available
in the data source, just like the case of missing zone file for
the MasterFiles type of data source. Also, zones that aren't
loaded into memory due to errors can now be reloaded for b10-auth
using the bindctl Auth loadzone command after fixing the error,
without reconfiguring the entire data source.
(Trac #2851, git a3d4fe8a32003534150ed076ea0bbf80e1fcc43c)
612. [func] tomek
b10-dhcp6: Support for relayed DHCPv6 traffic has been added.
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