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data definition checker in python api

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parent e3accd37
......@@ -62,17 +62,95 @@ class DataDefinition:
return self._data_spec
def _check(data_spec):
if type(data_spec) != dict:
raise DataDefinitionError("data specification not a dict")
if "data_specification" not in data_spec:
raise DataDefinitionError("no data_specification element in specification")
data_spec = data_spec["data_specification"]
if "module_name" not in data_spec:
raise DataDefinitionError("no module_name in data_specification")
if "config_data" in data_spec:
if "commands" in data_spec:
def _checkConfigSpec(config_data):
# config data is a list of items represented by dicts that contain
# things like "item_name", depending on the type they can have
# specific subitems
if type(config_data) != list:
raise DataDefinitionError("config_data is not a list of items")
for config_item in config_data:
def _checkCommandSpec(commands):
if type(commands) != list:
raise DataDefinitionError("commands is not a list of commands")
for command in commands:
if type(command) != dict:
raise DataDefinitionError("command in commands list is not a dict")
if "command_name" not in command:
raise DataDefitionError("no command_name in command item")
command_name = command["command_name"]
if type(command_name) != str:
raise DataDefinitionError("command_name not a string: " + str(type(command_name)))
if "command_description" in command:
if type(command["command_description"]) != str:
raise DataDefitionError("command_description not a string in " + command_name)
if "command_args" in command:
if type(command["command_args"]) != list:
raise DataDefitionError("command_args is not a list in " + command_name)
for command_arg in command["command_args"]:
if type(command_arg) != dict:
raise DataDefinitionError("command argument not a dict in " + command_name)
def _checkItemSpec(config_item):
# checks the dict that defines one config item
# (i.e. containing "item_name", "item_type", etc
if type(config_item) != dict:
raise DataDefinitionError("item spec not a dict")
if "item_name" not in config_item:
raise DataDefinitionError("no item_name in config item")
if type(config_item["item_name"]) != str:
raise DataDefinitionError("item_name is not a string: " + str(config_item["item_name"]))
item_name = config_item["item_name"]
if "item_type" not in config_item:
raise DataDefinitionError("no item_type in config item")
item_type = config_item["item_type"]
if type(item_type) != str:
raise DataDefinitionError("item_type in " + item_name + " is not a string: " + str(type(item_type)))
if item_type not in ["integer", "real", "boolean", "string", "list", "map"]:
raise DataDefinitionError("unknown item_type in " + item_name + ": " + item_type)
if "item_optional" in config_item:
if type(config_item["item_optional"]) != bool:
raise DataDefinitionError("item_default in " + item_name + " is not a boolean")
if not config_item["item_optional"] and "item_default" not in config_item:
raise DataDefinitionError("no default value for non-optional item " + item_name)
if "item_default" in config_item:
item_default = config_item["item_default"]
if (item_type == "int" and type(item_default) != int) or \
(item_type == "real" and type(item_default) != double) or \
(item_type == "boolean" and type(item_default) != bool) or \
(item_type == "string" and type(item_default) != str) or \
(item_type == "list" and type(item_default) != list) or \
(item_type == "map" and type(item_default) != dict):
raise DataDefinitionError("Wrong type for item_default in " + item_name)
# TODO: once we have check_type, run the item default through that with the list|map_item_spec
if item_type == "list":
if "list_item_spec" not in config_item:
raise DataDefinitionError("no list_item_spec in list item " + item_name)
if type(config_item["list_item_spec"]) != dict:
raise DataDefinitionError("list_item_spec in " + item_name + " is not a dict")
if item_type == "map":
if "map_item_spec" not in config_item:
raise DataDefinitionError("no map_item_sepc in map item " + item_name)
if type(config_item["map_item_spec"]) != list:
raise DataDefinitionError("map_item_spec in " + item_name + " is not a list")
for map_item in config_item["map_item_spec"]:
if type(map_item) != dict:
raise DataDefinitionError("map_item_spec element is not a dict")
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