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Test for constructor of MemoryZone

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......@@ -111,4 +111,31 @@ TEST_F(MemoryDataSrcTest, add_find_Zone) {
/// \brief Test fixture for the MemoryZone class
class MemoryZoneTest : public ::testing::Test {
MemoryZoneTest() :
zone_(class_, origin_)
{ }
// Some data to test with
RRClass class_;
Name origin_;
// The zone to torture by tests
MemoryZone zone_;
* \brief Test MemoryZone::MemoryZone constructor.
* Takes the created zone and checks its properties they are the same
* as passed parameters.
TEST_F(MemoryZoneTest, Constructor) {
ASSERT_EQ(class_, zone_.getClass());
ASSERT_EQ(origin_, zone_.getOrigin());
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