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Expanded and clarified the b10-loadzone man page a bit

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Some control entries (aka directives) are supported.
$ORIGIN is followed by a domain name and is used to define the
relative domain name.
$ORIGIN is followed by a domain name, and sets the the origin
that will be used for relative domain names in subsequent records.
$INCLUDE is followed by a filename to load.
<!-- TODO: and optionally a
domain name used to set the relative domain name origin. -->
The previous origin is restored after the file is included.
<!-- the current domain name is also restored -->
$TTL is followed by a time-to-live value which is used
by following records that don't have their TTL set.
by any following records that don't specify a TTL.
<!-- TODO: write this better -->
When replacing a zone, all records from the prior same zone
disappear and the whole new set appears.
When re-loading an existing zone, the prior version is completely
removed. While the new version of the zone is being loaded, the old
version remains accessible to queries. After the new version is
completely loaded, the old version is swapped out and replaced
with the new one in a single operation.
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