Commit a158b3d5 authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski
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[4206b] Minor updates to the Pkt4::getLabel method.

The warning about malformed client-id is separated by a single
space character from the actual label. Also, used stream object
to concatenate label with suffix to be consistent with the
convention used in makeLabel.
parent dc498ad0
......@@ -352,20 +352,22 @@ Pkt4::getLabel() const {
client_id = ClientIdPtr(new ClientId(client_opt->getData()));
} catch (...) {
// ClientId may throw if the client-id is too short.
suffix = "(malformed client-id)";
suffix = " (malformed client-id)";
std::string txt;
std::ostringstream label;
try {
txt = makeLabel(hwaddr_, client_id, transid_);
label << makeLabel(hwaddr_, client_id, transid_);
} catch (...) {
// This should not happen with the current code, but we may add extra
// sanity checks in the future that would possibly throw if
// the hwaddr lenght is 0.
txt = "(malformed hw address)";
label << " (malformed hw address)";
return (txt + suffix);
label << suffix;
return (label.str());
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