Commit a24c6579 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[1372] added a test case for an impossible (buggy) case. also changed

the behavior against impossible # of questions.
parent 3647e8ff
......@@ -218,7 +218,7 @@ class TestXfroutSessionBase(unittest.TestCase):
return msg.get_tsig_record() is not None
def create_request_data(self, with_question=True, with_tsig=False,
ixfr=None, zone_name=TEST_ZONE_NAME,
ixfr=None, qtype=None, zone_name=TEST_ZONE_NAME,
soa_class=TEST_RRCLASS, num_soa=1):
'''Create a commonly used XFR request data.
......@@ -229,6 +229,9 @@ class TestXfroutSessionBase(unittest.TestCase):
This method has various minor parameters only for creating bad
format requests for testing purposes:
qtype: the RR type of the question section. By default automatically
determined by the value of ixfr, but could be an invalid type
for testing.
zone_name: the query (zone) name. for IXFR, it's also used as
the owner name of the SOA in the authority section.
soa_class: IXFR only. The RR class of the SOA RR in the authority
......@@ -243,7 +246,8 @@ class TestXfroutSessionBase(unittest.TestCase):
req_type = RRType.AXFR() if ixfr is None else RRType.IXFR()
if with_question:
msg.add_question(Question(zone_name, RRClass.IN(), req_type))
msg.add_question(Question(zone_name, RRClass.IN(),
req_type if qtype is None else qtype))
if req_type == RRType.IXFR():
soa = RRset(zone_name, soa_class, RRType.SOA(), RRTTL(0))
# In the RDATA only the serial matters.
......@@ -313,7 +317,7 @@ class TestXfroutSession(TestXfroutSessionBase):
# set up a bogus request, which should result in FORMERR. (it only
# has to be something that is different from the previous case)
self.xfrsess._request_data = \
self.create_request_data(ixfr=IXFR_OK_VERSION, num_soa=2)
# Replace the data source client to avoid datasrc related exceptions
self.xfrsess.ClientClass = MockDataSrcClient
......@@ -344,9 +348,12 @@ class TestXfroutSession(TestXfroutSessionBase):
self.assertEqual(Rcode.NOERROR(), rcode)
# Broken request: no question
request_data = self.create_request_data(with_question=False)
rcode, msg = self.xfrsess._parse_query_message(request_data)
self.assertEqual(Rcode.FORMERR(), rcode)
self.assertRaises(RuntimeError, self.xfrsess._parse_query_message,
# Broken request: invalid RR type (neither AXFR nor IXFR)
self.assertRaises(RuntimeError, self.xfrsess._parse_query_message,
# tsig signed query message
request_data = self.create_request_data(with_tsig=True)
......@@ -201,7 +201,8 @@ class XfroutSession():
tsig_record = msg.get_tsig_record()
if tsig_record is not None:
self._tsig_len = tsig_record.get_length()
self._tsig_ctx = self.create_tsig_ctx(tsig_record, self._tsig_key_ring)
self._tsig_ctx = self.create_tsig_ctx(tsig_record,
tsig_error = self._tsig_ctx.verify(tsig_record, request_data)
if tsig_error != TSIGError.NOERROR:
return Rcode.NOTAUTH()
......@@ -224,10 +225,12 @@ class XfroutSession():
return rcode, msg
# Make sure the question is valid. This should be ensured by
# the auth server, but since it's far from our xfrout itself,
# we check it by ourselves.
# the auth server, but since it's far from xfrout itself, we check
# it by ourselves. A viloation would be an internal bug, so we
# raise and stop here rather than returning a FORMERR or SERVFAIL.
if msg.get_rr_count(Message.SECTION_QUESTION) != 1:
return Rcode.FORMERR(), msg
raise RuntimeError('Invalid number of question for XFR: ' +
question = msg.get_question()[0]
# Identify the request type
......@@ -237,9 +240,9 @@ class XfroutSession():
elif self._request_type == RRType.IXFR():
self._request_typestr = 'IXFR'
# Likewise, this should be impossible. (TBD: to be tested)
raise RuntimeError('Unexpected XFR type: ' + \
# Likewise, this should be impossible.
raise RuntimeError('Unexpected XFR type: ' +
# ACL checks
zone_name = question.get_name()
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