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......@@ -149,8 +149,8 @@ typedef boost::shared_ptr<RdataIterator> RdataIteratorPtr;
/// "sort" and "search(find)" method?
/// - what about comparing two RRsets of the same type? If we need this,
/// should it compare rdata's as a set or as a list (i.e. compare
/// each %rdata one by one or as a whole)? c.f. NLnet Labs'
/// <a href="">ldns</a>
/// each %rdata one by one or as a whole)? c.f. NLnet Labs' ldns
/// (
/// has \c ldns_rr_list_compare(), which takes the latter approach
/// (seemingly assuming the caller sorts the lists beforehand).
/// - BIND9 libdns has some special DNSSEC-related methods
......@@ -498,13 +498,16 @@ public:
/// \brief The \c BasicRRset class is a concrete derived class of
/// \c AbstractRRset that defines a straightforward RRset implementation.
/// designed to be as portable as possible. performance is a secondary
/// concern for this class.
/// This class is designed to be as portable as possible, and so it adopts
/// the Pimpl idiom to hide as many details as possible.
/// Performance is a secondary concern for this class.
/// We'd use the default implementations for the toWire()
/// variants as defined in the base class. These are not fully optimized
/// for performance, but, again, it's a secondary goal for this generic
/// class.
/// This class is intended to be used by applications that only need
/// moderate level of performance with full functionality provided by
/// the \c AbstractRRset interfaces.
/// Highly performance-sensitive applications, such as a large scale
/// authoritative or caching name servers will implement and use a customized
/// version of derived \c AbstractRRset class.
class BasicRRset : public AbstractRRset {
/// \name Constructors and Destructor
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