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[2325] Unknown renew is now logged in dhcp6

parent 196c4d23
......@@ -201,3 +201,15 @@ which the DHCPv6 server has not been configured. The cause is most likely due
to a misconfiguration of the server. The packet processing will continue, but
the response will only contain generic configuration parameters and no
addresses or prefixes.
% DHCP6_UNKNOWN_RENEW received RENEW from client (duid=%1, iaid=%2) in subnet %3
This warning message is printed when client attempts to renew a lease, but no
such lease is known by the server. This typically means that client attempts to
use its lease past its lifetime, e.g. due to time adjustment or poor support
for sleep/recovery. Properly implemented client will recover from such case
(it should restart lease allocation process after receiving a negative reply
from the server). Alternatively, it may mean that the server lost its
database recently and does not recognize its well behaving clients. This
is likely the case if you see many such messages. Clients will recover from
this, but they will likely get another IP addresses and experience brief
service interruption.
......@@ -583,6 +583,12 @@ OptionPtr Dhcpv6Srv::renewIA_NA(const Subnet6Ptr& subnet, const DuidPtr& duid,
// Insert status code NoAddrsAvail.
"Sorry, no known leases for this duid/iaid."));
return (ia_rsp);
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