Commit a4e1f9c6 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[master] add 'git' to git hashes per convention.

parent e8e82357
......@@ -19,17 +19,17 @@ bind10-devel-20120816 released on August 16, 2012
methods. These are mainly intended for internal development, but
the class is public, so interested users may want to look into the
(Trac #2052, 57c61f2^..dbef0e2)
(Trac #2053, 1fc2b06b57a008ec602daa2dac79939b3cc6b65d)
(Trac #2086, 3fac7d5579c5f51b8e952b50db510b45bfa986f3)
(Trac #2087, 49ad6346f574d00cfbd1d12905915fd0dd6a0bac)
(Trac #2148, 285c2845ca96e7ef89f9158f1dea8cda147b6566)
(Trac #2052, git 57c61f2^..dbef0e2)
(Trac #2053, git 1fc2b06b57a008ec602daa2dac79939b3cc6b65d)
(Trac #2086, git 3fac7d5579c5f51b8e952b50db510b45bfa986f3)
(Trac #2087, git 49ad6346f574d00cfbd1d12905915fd0dd6a0bac)
(Trac #2148, git 285c2845ca96e7ef89f9158f1dea8cda147b6566)
463. [func] jinmei
Python isc.dns: the Name, RRType and RRClass classes are now
hashable. So, for example, objects of these classes can be used
as a dictionary key.
(Trac #1883, 93ec40dd0a1df963c676037cc60c066c748b3030)
(Trac #1883, git 93ec40dd0a1df963c676037cc60c066c748b3030)
462. [build] jreed
BIND 10 now compiles against googletest-1.6.0 versions that are
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