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<section id="dhcp4-stateless-configuration">
<title>Stateless Configuration of DHCPv4 clients</title>
<para>The DHCPv4 server supports the stateless client configuration whereby the
client has an IP address configured (e.g. using manual configuration) and only
contacts the server to obtain other configuration parameters, e.g. DNS servers' addresses.
In order to obtain the stateless configuration parameters the client sends the
DHCPINFORM message to the server with the "ciaddr" set to the address that the
client is currently using. The server unicasts the DHCPACK message to the
client that includes the stateless configuration ("yiaddr" not set).
<para>The server will respond to the DHCPINFORM when the client is associated
with the particular subnet defined in the server's configuration. The example
subnet configuration will look like this:
"Dhcp4": {
"subnet4": [
"subnet": ""
"option-data": [ {"
"name": "routers",
"code": 3,
"data": ",",
"csv-format": true,
"space": "dhcp4"
} ]
<para>This subnet specifies the single option which will be included in
the DHCPACK message to the client in response to DHCPINFORM. Note that
the subnet definition does not require the address pool configuration
if it will be used solely for the stateless configuration.
<para>This server will associate the subnet with the client if one of
the following conditions is met:
<simpara>The DHCPINFORM is relayed and the giaddr matches the
configured subnet.</simpara>
<simpara>The DHCPINFORM is unicast from the client and the ciaddr
matches the configured subnet.</simpara>
<simpara>The DHCPINFORM is unicast from the client, the ciaddr is
not set but the source address of the IP packet matches the
configured subnet.</simpara>
<simpara>The DHCPINFORM is not relayed and the IP address on the
interface on which the message is received matches the configured
<section id="dhcp4-client-classifier">
<title>Client Classification in DHCPv4</title>
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