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add more comments and rename cloneDNSData to copyContent

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......@@ -61,10 +61,12 @@ class RBTree;
/// includes all the subdomains of this node.
/// The name stored in the node is relative related to its parent node.
/// One special kind of node is non-terminal node
/// which has subdomains with RRset but itself doesn't have any RRsets.
/// which has subdomains with RRset but itself doesn't have any RRsets. and typically
/// this kind of node is shadow to end user
/// \b Note: \c RBNode should be created or destroyed only by \c RBTree so
/// constructor and destructor function aren't exposed.
/// \note: \c RBNode should be created or destroyed only by \c RBTree so
/// constructor and destructor function aren't exposed. The memory management of each
/// node will be handled by a pool, so the node deconstruction will do nothing
template <typename T>
class RBNode : public boost::noncopyable {
......@@ -112,9 +114,10 @@ private:
return (&null_node);
/// \brief copy the DNS related data to another node except the sub domain
/// tree
void cloneDNSData(RBNode<T>& node);
/// \brief copy the the data saved in the node into another node
/// the data copied exclude the rbtree related data like left,right,parent
/// and color
void copyContent(RBNode<T>& node);
/// data to maintain the rbtree balance
RBNode<T>* parent_;
......@@ -122,19 +125,30 @@ private:
RBNode<T>* right_;
RBTreeColor color_;
/// data to carry dns info
isc::dns::Name name_;
/// this will make type T should have default constructor
/// without any parameters
T data_;
/// the down pointer points to the root node of sub domains of current
/// domain
/// \par Adding down pointer to \c RBNode is for two purpose:
/// \li Accelerate the search process, with sub domain tree, it split the
/// big flat tree into several hierarchy trees
/// \li It save memory useage, so same label won't be saved several times
RBNode<T>* down_;
///the node won't be returned to end user, if the node is shadow.
///shadow node is created by rbtree for inner use, it's opaque to
///end user.
///end user.
/// \par shadow node is the node with sub domain tree, but itself don't
/// contain any data, so the \c down_ pointer of a shadow node cannot be NULL
bool is_shadow_;
// typically each node should has a name associate with it
// this construction is only used to create \c NULLNODE
template <typename T>
RBNode<T>::RBNode() :
......@@ -188,7 +202,7 @@ RBNode<T>::successor()const {
template <typename T>
RBNode<T>::cloneDNSData(RBNode<T>& node) {
RBNode<T>::copyContent(RBNode<T>& node) {
node.name_ = name_;
node.data_ = data_;
node.down_ = down_;
......@@ -243,11 +257,11 @@ public:
/// \brief Get the total node count in the tree
/// the node count including the node created common suffix node,
/// this function will only be used when debuging
/// this function will only be used for debuging
int getNodeCount() const { return (node_count_);}
/// \brief Get the total names inserted into the tree
/// \brief Get the total names has been inserted into the tree
int getNameCount() const { return (name_count_);}
......@@ -285,14 +299,22 @@ public:
/// \brief iterator of domain tree, mainly used to walk throught the whole tree
/// in ascending order according to domain name
/// \todo make find and insert in domain tree return iterator not rbnode pointer
/// \todo make find and insert in domain tree return iterator not rbnode pointer,
/// \note the iterator should know the node it points to and the tree the node
/// belongs to, since the tree can only search from up to down, the up nodes
/// has travelled has to be stored, the iterator has similar functionality as
/// dns_rbtnodechain in bind9. Keep the constuction and deconstruction private is
/// becuase there is no default iterator.
class Iterator : public std::iterator<std::input_iterator_tag, RBNode<T> >
friend class RBTree<T>;
/// copy and assign constructor
/// \name
Iterator(const Iterator& itr);
Iterator& operator=(const Iterator& itr);
const RBNode<T>& operator*() const { return (*node_);}
RBNode<T>& operator*() { return (*node_);}
......@@ -307,7 +329,10 @@ public:
bool operator!=(const Iterator &itr) const { return !(*this == itr); }
/// constructor
Iterator(RBNode<T> *node, RBTree<T> *tree, RBNode<T> **nodes_to_root_path = NULL, int path_len = 0);
/// the difference between \c successor and \c nextVisibleSuccessor is that, \c nextVisibleSuccessor will
/// travel in the whole tree including the down trees, and also it will return non-shadow node
RBNode<T> *nextVisibleSuccessor(RBNode<T> *node);
RBNode<T>* node_;
......@@ -317,12 +342,15 @@ public:
friend class Iterator;
/// \name iterator related functions
/// \brief begin point to the smallest visible node in the tree
Iterator begin() const;
const Iterator begin();
Iterator end() const{ return (Iterator(NULLNODE, const_cast<RBTree<T>*>(this)));}
const Iterator end() { return (Iterator(NULLNODE, this));}
/// \name RBTree balance functions
......@@ -360,6 +388,8 @@ private:
/// Merge node with its down node, down node will be deleted and the data of
/// down node will move to up node.
/// \note the precondition of this function is that, the down tree of node
/// has only one node and current node is shadow
void nodeFussion(RBNode<T>& node);
/// return the node with smallest name, according to DNS domain name order
......@@ -369,7 +399,7 @@ private:
RBNode<T>* root_;
/// the node count of current tree except the sub domain trees
/// the node count of current tree
unsigned int node_count_;
/// the count of real name user inserted into the domain tree
unsigned int name_count_;
......@@ -435,6 +465,7 @@ RBTree<T>::createNode(const isc::dns::Name& name) {
template <typename T>
RBTree<T>::freeNode(RBNode<T>* node) {
// NULLNODE isn't alloc in heap
assert(node != NULLNODE);
......@@ -651,7 +682,7 @@ RBTree<T>::nodeFission(RBNode<T>& node, const isc::dns::Name& base_name) {
return (NOMEM);
node.name_ = base_name;
node.down_ = down_node;
node.is_shadow_ = true;
......@@ -827,7 +858,7 @@ RBTree<T>::eraseNode(RBNode<T>** root, RBNode<T>* target) {
if (to_delete != target) {
to_delete->down_ = NULL;
......@@ -850,7 +881,7 @@ RBTree<T>::nodeFussion(RBNode<T>& up_node) {
const isc::dns::Name merged_name =
up_node.down_ = NULL;
up_node.name_ = merged_name;
up_node.is_shadow_ = false;
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