Commit a9040d4a authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[1372] detect and reject multiple SOA in IXFR's authority section.

parent 35556de0
......@@ -218,8 +218,8 @@ class TestXfroutSessionBase(unittest.TestCase):
return msg.get_tsig_record() is not None
def create_request_data(self, with_question=True, with_tsig=False,
zone_name=TEST_ZONE_NAME, ixfr=None,
ixfr=None, zone_name=TEST_ZONE_NAME,
soa_class=TEST_RRCLASS, num_soa=1):
'''Create a commonly used XFR request data.
By default the request type is AXFR; if 'ixfr' is an integer,
......@@ -227,6 +227,14 @@ class TestXfroutSessionBase(unittest.TestCase):
the value of the parameter will be included in the authority
This method has various minor parameters only for creating bad
format requests for testing purposes:
zone_name: the query (zone) name. for IXFR, it's also used as
the owner name of the SOA in the authority section.
soa_class: IXFR only. The RR class of the SOA RR in the authority
num_soa: IXFR only. The number of SOA RDATAs in the authority
msg = Message(Message.RENDER)
query_id = 0x1035
......@@ -239,8 +247,9 @@ class TestXfroutSessionBase(unittest.TestCase):
if req_type == RRType.IXFR():
soa = RRset(zone_name, soa_class, RRType.SOA(), RRTTL(0))
# In the RDATA only the serial matters.
soa.add_rdata(Rdata(RRType.SOA(), soa_class,
'm r ' + str(ixfr) + ' 1 1 1 1'))
for i in range(0, num_soa):
soa.add_rdata(Rdata(RRType.SOA(), soa_class,
'm r ' + str(ixfr) + ' 1 1 1 1'))
msg.add_rrset(Message.SECTION_AUTHORITY, soa)
renderer = MessageRenderer()
......@@ -758,6 +767,12 @@ class TestXfroutSession(TestXfroutSessionBase):
self.getmsg(), zone_name, TEST_RRCLASS), Rcode.FORMERR())
# multiple SOA RRs
self.mdata = self.create_request_data(ixfr=IXFR_OK_VERSION,
self.getmsg(), zone_name, TEST_RRCLASS), Rcode.FORMERR())
def test_dns_xfrout_start_formerror(self):
# formerror
self.xfrsess.dns_xfrout_start(self.sock, b"\xd6=\x00\x00\x00\x01\x00")
......@@ -372,7 +372,6 @@ class XfroutSession():
IXFR by setting up a zone iterator instead of a journal reader.
# TODO: more error case handling
# Check the authority section. Look for a SOA record with
# the same name and class as the question.
remote_soa = None
......@@ -383,6 +382,9 @@ class XfroutSession():
auth_rrset.get_type() != RRType.SOA() or \
auth_rrset.get_class() != zone_class:
if auth_rrset.get_rdata_count() != 1:
# TBD: log it.
return Rcode.FORMERR()
remote_soa = auth_rrset
if remote_soa is None:
# TBD: log it.
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