Commit ac194cf1 authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski
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[master] Added ChangeLog entry for #3251.

parent 21d2f7ec
723. [bug] marcin
libdhcp++: Implemented unit tests for the IfaceMgr's routine which opens
IPv6 sockets on detected interfaces. The IfaceMgr logic performing low
level operations on sockets has been moved to a separate class. By
providing a custom implementation of this class, the unit tests may
use fake interfaces with custom configuration and thus cover wide
range of test scenarios for the function.
(Trac #3251, git 21d2f7ec425f8461b545687104cd76a42da61b2e)
722. [bug] muks
b10-cmdctl now prints a more operator-friendly message when the
address+port that b10-cmdctl listens on is already in use.
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