Commit acbe4afb authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman
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[master] Add ChangeLog for #2750, #2751

parent 582bafea
684. [func] muks, vorner
API support to delete zone data has been added. With this,
DomainTree and RdataSet which form the central zone data
structures of b10-auth allow deletion of names and RR data
(Trac #2750, git d3dbe8e1643358d4f88cdbb7a16a32fd384b85b1)
(Trac #2751, git 7430591b4ae4c7052cab86ed17d0221db3b524a8)
683. [bug] stephen
Modifications to fix problems running unit tests if they are statically
linked. This includes provision of an initialization function that
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