Commit ad797b98 authored by Paul Selkirk's avatar Paul Selkirk
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Update ChangeLog for #2386 and #2391

parent 8802d414
594. [func] muks, pselkirk
libdns++: the NSEC, DS, DLV, and AFSDB Rdata classes now use the
generic lexer in constructors from text. This means that the name
fields in such RRs in a zone file can now be non-absolute (the
origin name in that context will be used), e.g., when loaded by
(Trac #2386, git dc0f34afb1eccc574421a802557198e6cd2363fa)
(Trac #2391, git 1450d8d486cba3bee8be46e8001d66898edd370c)
593. [func] jelte
Address + port output and logs is now consistent according to our
coding guidelines, e.g. <address>:<port> in the case of IPv4, and
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