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bind10-devel-20120927 released on September 27, 2012
483. [func] marcin
libdhcp++: Added new parameter to define sub-second timeout
for DHCP packet reception. The total timeout is now specified
by two parameters: first specifies integral number of
seconds, second (which defaults to 0) specifies fractional
seconds with microsecond resolution.
(Trac #2231, git 15560cac16e4c52129322e3cb1787e0f47cf7850)
482. [func] team
Memory footprint of the in-memory data source has been
substantially improved. For example, b10-auth now requires much
......@@ -9,7 +19,7 @@
of the memory image. Also, loading zones in memory still suspends
query processing, so manual reloading or reloading after incoming
transfer may cause service disruption for huge zones.
(Multiple Trac tickets)
(Multiple Trac tickets, Summarized in Trac #2101)
481. [bug] vorner
The abbreviated form of IP addresses in ACLs is accepted
......@@ -45,10 +55,10 @@
(Trac #2190, git e0ffa11d49ab949ee5a4ffe7682b0e6906667baa)
476. [bug] vorner
The XfrIn now accepts transfers with some TSIG signatures omitted, as
The Xfrin now accepts transfers with some TSIG signatures omitted, as
allowed per RFC2845, section 4.4. This solves a compatibility
issues with Knot and NSD.
(Trac #1375, git 7ca65cb9ec528118f370142d7e7b792fcc31c9cf)
(Trac #1357, git 7ca65cb9ec528118f370142d7e7b792fcc31c9cf)
475. [func] naokikambe
Added Xfrout statistics counters: notifyoutv4, notifyoutv6,
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