Commit af9d2a8e authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[1614] don't use masterLoad() for bad RRSIG data with mixed cover types;

the change introduced in this branch breaks the assumption of the
callback function used in the test code.
parent 562aecbe
......@@ -1269,9 +1269,14 @@ TEST_F(InMemoryZoneFinderTest, addbadRRsig) {
// RRSIG with mixed covered types
zone_finder_.add(rr_a_); // make sure the covered name exists
EXPECT_THROW(zone_finder_.add(textToRRset(string(rrsig_a_txt) +
// textToRRset() doesn't work as intended for this pathological case,
// so we need to construct the RRset by hand.
RRsetPtr rrset(new RRset(origin_, class_, RRType::RRSIG(), RRTTL(300)));
rrset->addRdata(generic::RRSIG("A 5 3 3600 20000101000000 20000201000000 "
rrset->addRdata(generic::RRSIG("NS 5 3 3600 20000101000000 20000201000000 "
EXPECT_THROW(zone_finder_.add(rrset), InMemoryZoneFinder::AddError);
// An attempt of overriding an existing RRSIG. The current implementation
// prohibits that.
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