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statsd TODO.
- read configuration from cfgd.
- how to publish statistics data
- need to be controled by BoB
= statsd Overview =
statsd gathers statistics from each BIND 10 components and dump them into a file periodically.
Currently, file path, dump frequency, rotate generations are fixed.
statsd dumps to "/tmp/stats" every 10 seconds except no statistics received.
"/tmp/stats" are preserved 100 generations.
= statistics channel Message format =
The statsd accepts python dictionary format data from msgq "statistics" channel.
The data need to contain "components", "version", "timestamp", "stats" keys.
The statistics data is { "component" : "<component_name>", "version": "<version number>", "timestamp": "<unixtime>", "stats": <python dictionary format statistics>}. "stats" data may be nested.
"stats" data is defined by each component.
Each component may send statistics data to "statistics" group periodically without joining the group.
See a example component: "stats/test/".
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