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......@@ -535,8 +535,9 @@ var/
and documentation, run:
<screen>$ <userinput>make install</userinput></screen>
<note><para>The install step may require superuser
<para>The install step may require superuserprivileges.</para>
......@@ -615,14 +616,13 @@ var/
<chapter id="bind10">
<title>Starting BIND10 with bind10</title>
<title>Starting BIND10 with <command>bind10</command></title>
BIND 10 provides the <command>bind10</command> command which
starts up the required daemons to provide the message
communication bus, configurations, <!-- TODO: security, -->
and the DNS server(s).
Also known as BoB or the Boss of BIND, <command>bind10</command>
will also restart processes that exit.
starts up the required processes.
will also restart processes that exit unexpectedly.
This is the only command needed to start the BIND 10 system.
......@@ -663,27 +663,32 @@ var/
The BIND 10 components use the <command>msgq</command>
message routing daemon to intercommunicate.
This is called the <quote>Command Channel</quote>.
The members of the channel subscribe to listen to certain
message routing daemon to communicate with other BIND 10 components.
The <command>msgq</command> implements what is called the
<quote>Command Channel</quote>.
Processes intercommunicate by sending messages on the command
messages and are programmed to handle received messages.
Example messages include shutdown, get configurations, and set
This Command Channel is not used for DNS message passing.
It is used only to control and monitor the BIND 10 system.
Administrators do not communicate directly with the
<command>msgq</command> daemon. The only configuration is
to choose the port number it listens on.
<command>msgq</command> daemon.
By default, BIND 10 uses port 9912 for the
<command>msgq</command> service.
It listens on
To select an alternate port for the <command>msgq</command> to
use, run <command>bind10</command> specifying the option:
<screen> $ <userinput>bind10 --msgq-port 9912</userinput></screen>
<!-- TODO: upcoming plans:
Unix domain sockets
......@@ -34,7 +34,8 @@ class Session:
self._closed = False
self._queue = []
if port == 0 and 'B10_FROM_SOURCE' in os.environ:
if port == 0:
if 'B10_FROM_SOURCE' in os.environ:
port = int(os.environ["ISC_MSGQ_PORT"])
port = 9912
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