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[4552] Documented reservations for siaddr, sname and file.

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...@@ -2822,6 +2822,35 @@ It is merely echoed by the server ...@@ -2822,6 +2822,35 @@ It is merely echoed by the server
</section> </section>
<section id="reservation4-message-fields">
<title>Reserving Next Server, Server Hostname and Boot File Name</title>
<para>BOOTP/DHCPv4 messages include "siaddr", "sname" and "file" fields.
Even though, DHCPv4 includes corresponding options, such as option 66 and
option 67, some clients may not support these options. Thus, server
administrators often use "siaddr", "sname" and "file" fields instead.</para>
<para>With Kea, it is possible to make static reservations for these DHCPv4
message fields:</para>
"subnet4": [ {
"reservations": [
<userinput>"hw-address": "aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff",
"next-server": "",
"server-hostname": "",
"boot-file-name": "/tmp/bootfile.efi"</userinput>
} ]
} ]
<para>Note that those parameters can be specified in combination with
other parameters for a reservation, e.g. reserved IPv4 address. These
parameters are optional, i.e. a subset of them can specified, or all of
them can be omitted.</para>
<section id="reservations4-mysql-pgsql"> <section id="reservations4-mysql-pgsql">
<title>Storing host reservations in MySQL or PostgreSQL</title> <title>Storing host reservations in MySQL or PostgreSQL</title>
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