Commit b705708a authored by Yoshitaka Aharen's avatar Yoshitaka Aharen
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Revert "[master] update ChangeLog"

This reverts commit 83ecce54.
parent a56e72ce
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
src/lib/statistics: Added statistics counter library for entire server
items and per zone items. Also, modified b10-auth to use it. It is
also intended to use in the other modules such as b10-resolver.
(Trac #510, git 662233a1483040da5dbc29dd9c9baf6bf0832223)
(Trac #510, git TBD)
338. [bug] jinmei
b10-xfrin didn't check SOA serials of SOA and IXFR responses,
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