Commit bcb62dd7 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya

[1891] enabled some DatabaseClientTest for add/del NSEC3s for SQLite3, too.

They were originally planned to be enabled with the completion of this branch,
but I forgot to enable them before review.  As expected, they just passed
for SQLite3, too.
parent 400ff18a
......@@ -3002,10 +3002,9 @@ TYPED_TEST(DatabaseClientTest, addRRsetToNewZone) {
// Below we define a set of NSEC3 update tests. Right now this only works
// for the mock DB, but the plan is to make it a TYPED_TEST to share the case
// with SQLite3 implementation, too.
// Below we define a set of NSEC3 update tests.
// Commonly used data for NSEC3 update tests below.
const char* const nsec3_hash = "1BB7SO0452U1QHL98UISNDD9218GELR5";
const char* const nsec3_rdata = "1 1 12 AABBCCDD "
......@@ -3045,7 +3044,7 @@ nsec3Check(const vector<ConstRRsetPtr>& expected_rrsets,
actual_rrsets.begin(), actual_rrsets.end());
TEST_F(MockDatabaseClientTest, addDeleteNSEC3InZone) {
TYPED_TEST(DatabaseClientTest, addDeleteNSEC3InZone) {
// Add one NSEC3 RR to the zone, delete it, and add another one.
this->updater_ = this->client_->getUpdater(this->zname_, true);
const ConstRRsetPtr nsec3_rrset =
......@@ -3066,7 +3065,7 @@ TEST_F(MockDatabaseClientTest, addDeleteNSEC3InZone) {
TEST_F(MockDatabaseClientTest, addDeleteNSEC3AndRRSIGToZone) {
TYPED_TEST(DatabaseClientTest, addDeleteNSEC3AndRRSIGToZone) {
// Add one NSEC3 RR and its RRSIG to the zone, delete the RRSIG and add
// a new one.
this->updater_ = this->client_->getUpdater(this->zname_, true);
......@@ -3639,10 +3638,7 @@ TYPED_TEST(DatabaseClientTest, journal) {
// At the moment this only works for the mock accessor. Once sqlite3
// accessor supports updating NSEC3, this should be merged to the previous
// test
TEST_F(MockDatabaseClientTest, journalForNSEC3) {
TYPED_TEST(DatabaseClientTest, journalForNSEC3) {
// Similar to the previous test, but adding/deleting NSEC3 RRs, just to
// confirm that NSEC3 is not special for managing diffs.
const ConstRRsetPtr nsec3_rrset =
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