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updated example bindctl session

fixed bindctl> config revert command (called wrong function)

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......@@ -86,31 +86,55 @@ EXAMPLE SESSION
~> bindctl
["login success "] login as root
> help
BindCtl, verstion 0.1
usage: <module name> <command name> [param1 = value1 [, param2 = value2]]
Type Tab character to get the hint of module/command/paramters.
Type "help(? h)" for help on bindctl.
Type "<module_name> help" for help on the specific module.
Type "<module_name> <command_name> help" for help on the specific command.
Available module names:
help Get help for bindctl
config Configuration commands
Xfrin same here
Auth same here
Boss same here
> config help
Module config Configuration commands
Available commands:
help (Get help for module)
show (Show configuration)
add (Add entry to configuration list)
remove (Remove entry from configuration list)
set (Set a configuration value)
unset (Unset a configuration value)
diff (Show all local changes)
revert (Revert all local changes)
commit (Commit all local changes)
go (Go to a specific configuration part)
> config show
Xfrin/ module
Auth/ module
Boss/ module
> config show Auth/
database_file: b10-auth.db string
zone_list/ list
> config show Xfrin
transfers_in: 10 integer
> config go Auth
/Auth> config show
database_file: b10-auth.db string
zone_list/ list
/Auth> config show zone_list
/Auth> config add zone
Error: /Auth/zone not found
/Auth> config add zone_list
/Auth> config show zone_list
zone_name: string
/Auth> config show
database_file: b10-auth.db string
zone_list/ list (modified)
database_file: None string
/Auth> config set database_file /tmp/bind10_zones.db
/Auth> config commit
/Auth> config go /
> config show Auth/database_file
database_file: b10-auth.db string
> config show Auth/
database_file: /tmp/bind10_zones.db string
> config diff
> config set Auth/foobar
Error: missing identifier or value
> config set Auth/database_file foobar
> config diff
{'Auth': {'zone_list': ['']}}
> config commit
{'Auth': {'database_file': 'foobar'}}
> config revert
> config diff
> quit
......@@ -468,7 +468,7 @@ class BindCmdInterpreter(Cmd):
elif cmd.command == "unset":
elif cmd.command == "revert":
elif cmd.command == "commit":
elif cmd.command == "diff":
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