Commit c05dc709 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[1198] proposed further refactor 6: we can even remove 'origin' (and thus

eliminating the need for making a copy of it)
parent 1beaacf4
......@@ -631,18 +631,17 @@ DatabaseClient::Finder::find(const isc::dns::Name& name,
// Try getting the final result and extract it
// It is special if there's a CNAME or NS, DNAME is ignored here
// And we don't consider the NS in origin
const Name origin(getOrigin());
const bool is_origin = (name == getOrigin());
WantedTypes final_types(FINAL_TYPES());
const FoundRRsets found = getRRsets(name.toText(), final_types,
name != origin);
const FoundRRsets found(getRRsets(name.toText(), final_types, !is_origin));
// NS records, CNAME record and Wanted Type records
const FoundIterator nsi(found.second.find(RRType::NS()));
const FoundIterator cni(found.second.find(RRType::CNAME()));
const FoundIterator wti(found.second.find(type));
if (name != origin && (options & FIND_GLUE_OK) == 0 &&
if (!is_origin && (options & FIND_GLUE_OK) == 0 &&
nsi != found.second.end()) { // delegation at the exact node
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