Commit c3473496 authored by Naoki Kambe's avatar Naoki Kambe
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[2781] use for-loop instead of while-loop for avoiding from rewriting the iterator

parent ad4c8681
......@@ -343,11 +343,8 @@ class Stats:
module, skips it and goes to collect from the next module."""
# start receiving statistics data
_statistics_data = []
_sequences = sequences[:]
while len(_sequences) > 0:
(module_name, seq) = (None, None)
for (module_name, seq) in sequences:
(module_name, seq) = _sequences.pop(0)
answer, env = self.cc_session.group_recvmsg(False, seq)
if answer:
rcode, args = isc.config.ccsession.parse_answer(answer)
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