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[1758] Interface for getting previous name

parent 2bb6957f
......@@ -253,6 +253,9 @@ public:
/// The iterator might be empty (containing no RRs) in case the zone is not
/// signed by NSEC3.
/// \note In case there are multiple NSEC3 chains and they collide
/// (unlikely, but it can happen), this can return multiple NSEC3
/// records.
/// \exception any Since any implementaion can be used, the caller should
/// expect any exception to be thrown.
/// \exception isc::NotImplemented in case the database does not support
......@@ -675,6 +678,34 @@ public:
/// apex of the zone).
virtual std::string findPreviousName(int zone_id,
const std::string& rname) const = 0;
/// \brief It returns the previous hash in the NSEC3 chain.
/// This is used to find previous NSEC3 hashes, to find covering NSEC3 in
/// case none match exactly.
/// In case a hash before before the lowest or the lowest is provided,
/// this should return the largest one in the zone (NSEC3 needs a
/// wrap-around semantics).
/// \param zone_id Specifies the zone to look into, as returned by getZone.
/// \param hash The hash to look before.
/// \return The nearest smaller hash than the provided one, or the largest
/// hash in the zone if something smaller or equal to the lowest one
/// is provided.
/// \note If the zone contains multiple NSEC3 chains, you should check that
/// the returned result contains the NSEC3 for correct parameters. If
/// not, query again and get something smaller - this will eventually
/// get to the correct one. This interface and semantics might change
/// in future.
/// \throw DataSourceError if there's a problem with the database or if
/// this zone is not signed with NSEC3.
/// \throw NotImplemented if this database doesn't support NSEC3.
/// \throw anything else, as this might be any implementation.
virtual std::string findPreviousNSEC3Hash(int zone_id,
const std::string& hash)
const = 0;
/// \brief Concrete data source client oriented at database backends.
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