Commit c4904fef authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski
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[2317] More strict checks for option name format.

parent e39b6108
......@@ -23,6 +23,8 @@
#include <dhcp/option_int_array.h>
#include <util/encode/hex.h>
#include <util/strutil.h>
#include <boost/algorithm/string/classification.hpp>
#include <boost/algorithm/string/predicate.hpp>
using namespace std;
using namespace isc::util;
......@@ -207,16 +209,29 @@ OptionDefinition::sanityCheckUniverse(const Option::Universe expected_universe,
OptionDefinition::validate() const {
using namespace boost::algorithm;
std::ostringstream err_str;
if (name_.empty()) {
// Option name must not be empty.
err_str << "option name must not be empty.";
} else if (name_.find(" ") != string::npos) {
// Option name must not contain spaces.
err_str << "option name must not contain spaces.";
// Allowed characters in the option name are: lower or
// upper case letters, digits, underscores and hyphens.
// Empty option spaces are not allowed.
if (!all(name_, boost::is_from_range('a', 'z') ||
boost::is_from_range('A', 'Z') ||
boost::is_digit() ||
boost::is_any_of("-_")) ||
name_.empty() ||
// Hyphens and underscores are not allowed at the beginning
// and at the end of the option name.
all(find_head(name_, 1), boost::is_any_of("-_")) ||
all(find_tail(name_, 1), boost::is_any_of("-_"))) {
err_str << "invalid option name '" << name_ << "'";
} else if (type_ >= OPT_UNKNOWN_TYPE) {
// Option definition must be of a known type.
err_str << "option type value " << type_ << " is out of range.";
} else if (array_type_) {
if (type_ == OPT_STRING_TYPE) {
// Array of strings is not allowed because there is no way
......@@ -225,9 +240,12 @@ OptionDefinition::validate() const {
err_str << "array of strings is not a valid option definition.";
} else if (type_ == OPT_BINARY_TYPE) {
err_str << "array of binary values is not a valid option definition.";
} else if (type_ == OPT_EMPTY_TYPE) {
err_str << "array of empty value is not a valid option definition.";
} else if (type_ == OPT_RECORD_TYPE) {
// At least two data fields should be added to the record. Otherwise
// non-record option definition could be used.
......@@ -235,6 +253,7 @@ OptionDefinition::validate() const {
err_str << "invalid number of data fields: " << getRecordFields().size()
<< " specified for the option of type 'record'. Expected at"
<< " least 2 fields.";
} else {
// If the number of fields is valid we have to check if their order
// is valid too. We check that string or binary data fields are not
......@@ -164,29 +164,55 @@ TEST_F(OptionDefinitionTest, validate) {
EXPECT_THROW(opt_def5.validate(), MalformedOptionDefinition);
// Option name must not contain spaces.
OptionDefinition opt_def6("OPTION CLIENTID", D6O_CLIENTID, "string", true);
OptionDefinition opt_def6("OPTION CLIENTID", D6O_CLIENTID, "string");
EXPECT_THROW(opt_def6.validate(), MalformedOptionDefinition);
// Option name may contain lower case letters.
OptionDefinition opt_def7("option_clientid", D6O_CLIENTID, "string");
// Using digits in option name is legal.
OptionDefinition opt_def8("option_123", D6O_CLIENTID, "string");
// Using hyphen is legal.
OptionDefinition opt_def9("option-clientid", D6O_CLIENTID, "string");
// Using hyphen or undescore at the beginning or at the end
// of the option name is not allowed.
OptionDefinition opt_def10("-option-clientid", D6O_CLIENTID, "string");
EXPECT_THROW(opt_def10.validate(), MalformedOptionDefinition);
OptionDefinition opt_def11("_option-clientid", D6O_CLIENTID, "string");
EXPECT_THROW(opt_def11.validate(), MalformedOptionDefinition);
OptionDefinition opt_def12("option-clientid_", D6O_CLIENTID, "string");
EXPECT_THROW(opt_def12.validate(), MalformedOptionDefinition);
OptionDefinition opt_def13("option-clientid-", D6O_CLIENTID, "string");
EXPECT_THROW(opt_def13.validate(), MalformedOptionDefinition);
// Having array of strings does not make sense because there is no way
// to determine string's length.
OptionDefinition opt_def7("OPTION_CLIENTID", D6O_CLIENTID, "string", true);
EXPECT_THROW(opt_def7.validate(), MalformedOptionDefinition);
OptionDefinition opt_def14("OPTION_CLIENTID", D6O_CLIENTID, "string", true);
EXPECT_THROW(opt_def14.validate(), MalformedOptionDefinition);
// It does not make sense to have string field within the record before
// other fields because there is no way to determine the length of this
// string and thus there is no way to determine where the other field
// begins.
OptionDefinition opt_def8("OPTION_STATUS_CODE", D6O_STATUS_CODE,
EXPECT_THROW(opt_def8.validate(), MalformedOptionDefinition);
OptionDefinition opt_def15("OPTION_STATUS_CODE", D6O_STATUS_CODE,
EXPECT_THROW(opt_def15.validate(), MalformedOptionDefinition);
// ... but it is ok if the string value is the last one.
OptionDefinition opt_def9("OPTION_STATUS_CODE", D6O_STATUS_CODE,
OptionDefinition opt_def16("OPTION_STATUS_CODE", D6O_STATUS_CODE,
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