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......@@ -4592,6 +4592,11 @@ Dhcp4/subnet4 [] list (default)
If the message is relayed it is accepted through any interface. The giaddr
set by the relay agent is used to select the subnet for the client.
It is also possible to specify a relay IPv4 address for a given subnet. It
can be used to match incoming packets into a subnet in uncommon configurations,
e.g. shared subnets. See <xref linkend="dhcp4-relay-override"/> for details.
<para>The subnet selection mechanism described in this section is based
on the assumption that client classification is not used. The classification
......@@ -4601,7 +4606,7 @@ Dhcp4/subnet4 [] list (default)
<section id="dhcp4-relay-override">
<title>Using specific relay for a subnet</title>
<title>Using specific relay agent for a subnet</title>
The relay has to have an interface connected to the link on which
the clients are being configured. Typically the relay has an IPv4
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