Commit c5cffe74 authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont
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[master] Finished merge of trac4071 (internal record format in option doc)

parent 9628fbe1
1035. [doc] fdupont
Modified documentation of DHCP options to show internal format
of records.
(Trac #4071, git xxx)
1034. [func] fdupont
Add support for DHCPv4 subnet selection option.
(Trac #4058, git b7072884e8ce74dc64cd74e101d81e5c0763f492)
......@@ -14,12 +19,12 @@
1031. [build] fdupont
Rewrote the system_messages tool from Python to C++.
(trac #3516, git a8195310c641027d1822344cafad64e6f695d614)
(Trac #3516, git a8195310c641027d1822344cafad64e6f695d614)
1030. [bug] marcin
Fixed failing 'reclaimExpiredLeasesTimeout' unit tests on
some virtual machines.
(trac #4075, git c3a2487f53ecf69edc0a38f574fce17c4332162c)
(Trac #4075, git c3a2487f53ecf69edc0a38f574fce17c4332162c)
1029. [func] tomek
A new hook point lease6_decline has been added. It is called when
......@@ -90,7 +95,7 @@
94 - client-ndi, 97 - uuid-guid.
From RFC5970 (for DHCPv6) these are: 59 - bootfile-url,
60 - bootfile-param, 61 - client-arch-type, 62 - nii.
(trac #3576, git fdcc73afe7e26bd427817fd771567b1c44713b06)
(Trac #3576, git fdcc73afe7e26bd427817fd771567b1c44713b06)
1017. [func] tmark
Lease dump SQL logic, used by kea-admin, is now supplied via stored
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