Commit c5d28bf7 authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski
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[5029] Allocation engine allows for multiple leases w/ the same HW addr.

parent bacfbf15
......@@ -2149,13 +2149,21 @@ void findClientLease(const AllocEngine::ClientContext4& ctx, Lease4Ptr& client_l
// If no lease found using the client identifier, try the lookup using
// the HW address.
if (!client_lease && ctx.hwaddr_) {
client_lease = lease_mgr.getLease4(*ctx.hwaddr_, ctx.subnet_->getID());
// This lookup may return the lease which has conflicting client
// identifier and thus is considered to belong to someone else.
// If this is the case, we need to toss the result and force the
// Allocation Engine to allocate another lease.
if (client_lease && !client_lease->belongsToClient(ctx.hwaddr_, ctx.clientid_)) {
// There may be cases when there is a lease for the same MAC address
// (even within the same subnet). Such situation may occur for PXE
// boot clients using the same MAC address but different client
// identifiers.
Lease4Collection client_leases = lease_mgr.getLease4(*ctx.hwaddr_);
for (Lease4Collection::const_iterator client_lease_it = client_leases.begin();
client_lease_it != client_leases.end(); ++client_lease_it) {
Lease4Ptr existing_lease = *client_lease_it;
if ((existing_lease->subnet_id_ == ctx.subnet_->getID()) &&
existing_lease->belongsToClient(ctx.hwaddr_, ctx.clientid_)) {
// Found the lease of this client, so return it.
client_lease = existing_lease;
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